Data Extraction and Migration

Winshuttle Partner Network Winshuttle is the leader in SAP data management tools that enable business users to work with SAP directly from Excel, without programming.

Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company markets, implements and supports Winshuttle products throughout the Australian and New Zealand markets.

SAP users often struggle to effectively run the complex business processes supported by SAP. Winshuttle solves this problem by offering a familiar spreadsheet interface to SAP, which improves productivity and saves customers significant time and money.

Winshuttle’s solutions work with all SAP modules, enabling both business and IT users to solve any SAP data or business process challenge by securely expanding SAP interactions to both employees and partners. More than 700 customers in 36 countries currently use Winshuttle to make their SAP lives easier.

In order to remain competitive large organisations are continually looking for ways to improve profits. Identifying business process efficiencies is key to meeting this challenge. Historically making mass data changes to records within SAP has been an extremely time consuming process. Organisations either have to change each record manually or bring in technical support to create scripts, which are often difficult to run and manage.

While there are a number of data loading and extraction tools for SAP available currently, Winshuttle leads the market due to its useability. Winshuttle automates repetitive data updates by creating and executing simple upload scripts. The products are extremely intuitive and can be operated by business users, negating the need to bring in costly provider support to perform data updates.

  • Using Winshuttle organisations can gain the following business benefits:

Broaden user acceptability
Winshuttle’s data extract tools drive high levels of usability across the full spectrum of SAP touch-points – a critical factor in recognising the ROI associated with an SAP investment

Time and cost savingsWinshuttle’s versatile business solutions deliver person year time savings and dollar savings by efficiently solving SAP business process and data challenges

Simplify and standardise forms-based business processes
Winshuttle programming capabilities enable business analysts to develop data upload, extract and forms-based SAP business processes resulting in reduced development costs, while delivering solutions that adhere to strict corporate governance and security requirements

Improve data quality
In addition to supporting legacy system data extraction and uploads to SAP systems, Winshuttle’s solutions provide accurate, reliable and scalable data upload and extract processes for all SAP modules.

Reduce implementation costs
Many SAP implementation projects use Winshuttle solutions to cost effectively manage complex and ‘ad hoc’ data migration tasks. Winshuttle’s ability to manage data extraction and upload tasks while performing critical regression tests significantly reduces implementation overhead and cost.

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