A reimagined suite to reimagine business

SAP HANA is a technology that allows customers to accelerate the pace of innovation, by providing information for better decision-making across the enterprise. Line managers and financial teams operating in large complex ERP environments stand to reap significant benefits when they can access increased amounts of data produce reports quicker and analyse information better, in comparison to traditional database infrastructures. Here are some real life examples of applications that SAP HANA makes possible.

  • A supply chain dashboard that shows current and projected sales orders, inventory levels and expected deliveries, which can be used to model projected stock outs and predict where potential delays in the supply chain exist before they occur
  • A planning dashboard that shows product number, asset utilisation and projected asset downtime, which can be used to change the priority of maintenance schedules in response to real-life situations
  • A credit management screen that shows projected credit levels and ratings based on payment history and current & projected orders, which can be used to recommend credit limit increases or to put a stop on forward orders2016_12_Choosing-your-path-to-S4HANA.png#asset:6824

Key benefits and capabilities

  • SAP HANA transforms database management. It processes transactions and analytics in-memory on a single data copy – to deliver real-time insights from live data. It also simplifies operations with modern tools and a secure, rock-solid foundation.
  • SAP HANA transforms data management. The platform embeds data virtualization (including integration, federation and replication) and quality capabilities to rapidly access and analyze data from any source – effectively eliminating silos.
  • SAP HANA transforms analytic intelligence. It delivers advanced data processing for text, spatial, graph, and series data in one system. Plus, it provides deeper insights with powerful predictive analysis and machine learning capabilities.
  • SAP HANA transforms app development. The next-gen platform offers flexible development and deployment tools to help you quickly prototype, validate, build, and deliver smart and modern applications that run on premise or in the cloud.

Our unique approach

Whether an organisation is migrating an existing SAP ERP Solution or conducting a new implementation initiative, Oxygen has developed a unique approach for identifying the potential of SAP HANA adoption. Based on our deep technical expertise and breadth of business process experience, we can identify the most appropriate business scenario and ensure the quickest time to value for any SAP HANA adoption.

In all cases we work with clients using SAP HANA proof of concepts and SAP HANA value centred roadmaps to meet specific business goals. This approach aims to familiarise customers with the SAP HANA platform and provides information to help build a sound business case for a pilot SAP HANA deployment.

We offer customised applications on SAP HANA to address specific business challenges. Packaged as a complete solution, i.e. hardware, software and services, these can be offered on premise or as a cloud-based solution.

Our portfolio of S/4HANA-centric services will help transform your business