When it comes to implementing organisation-wide mobility solutions Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company advises customers to think carefully about their requirements and to develop an appropriate end-to-end strategy.

Mobile devices are revolutionizing the way people work. Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company partners with specialist SAP mobile solutions, to provide business users with secure mobile access to SAP enterprise applications.

SAP has a range of technologies including an enterprise-grade, highly scalable mobile device management solution that supports a wide range of platforms including Windows® Mobile, BlackBerry®, Palm®, Symbian™, Android™, iPhone® and iPad®.

Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company cuts through the hype surrounding on-device access ensuring mobile deployments are highly structured and carefully managed. As with all technology deployments the business requirements have to be paramount and the cost benefits of mobile deployments need to be fully understood up front.

Mobility has strong business advantages but it also has the potential to pose serious risks if security and architecture issues are not identified and managed to a robust standard.Whereas in the past mobile deployments focused on mail and messaging, and were about enhancing user communication on the go, today organisations are demanding a broader range of mobile capabilities. Mobility has moved from being seen as a competitive advantage to a competitive necessity.

But in the rush to deliver new functions to the mobile device for customers, employees, partners and consumers, organisations need to balance the demands of business users with their wider IT&T strategy and business goals. Issues tend to arise when opportunistic mobile deployments are undertaken without thinking through security, connectivity, platform considerations and accessibility.

Planning mobile enablement is paramount. Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company recommends a six step plan to ensure that the horse is placed firmly in front of the cart when it comes to advising on and managing the implementation of organisation-wide mobility solutions.

  1. Understand the business requirements and the context of those requirements.
  2. Identify the application which most closely fits the business requirement.
  3. Resolve the deployment, security and architecture issues.
  4. Match the business requirement to the role and then establish what type of device meets the requirements.
  5. Start with a small pilot to assess effectiveness and productivity or improvement results.
  6. Finally – plan and manage large scale deployment based on a business case understanding of the costs relative to benefits.

The technology considerations are very important. How to deploy the mobile applications; their scalability; and the ongoing management and administration, all need careful consideration.

The good news is that the strategy does not need to be extensive. Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company helps organisations develop guiding principles that dovetail into the core IT&T strategy, and then helps them deploy an effective proof of concept process that will drive out the adoption cycle.

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