SAP Basis Health Check

Challenge: Get your SAP landscape healthy and running optimally – and increase productivity

Is Poor SAP Performance Hurting your Business?

Oxygen’s SAP Basis Health Check SmartStart provides you with a full comprehensive and detailed technical check. We analyse your SAP landscape and identify technical areas of improvement. We then prioritise the improvements and present this information in an estimated timeline called the Technical Improvement Roadmap.

The health check is conducted by highly experienced SAP Basis consultants to ensure high quality service and covers the following subjects:

Operating System and Infrastructure

  • Configuration and resources
  • I/O analysis and disk layout
  • Virtualisation settings


  • Configuration and parameters
  • Performance and tuning
  • Backup Strategy, high-availability and disaster recovery
  • Database administration

SAP Application Layer

  • Performance and Tuning, SAP Parameters
  • System Log
  • Batch Input Sessions
  • Update Records and Enqueue
  • Basic Security and Authorisations
  • Client strategy and Change/Transport management
  • Refresh techniques and strategy

Typical challenges
Does your organisation suffer from these typical SAP Basis problems?

  • Transports and change management in a mess
  • Slow performance
  • Exhausted server resources
  • Low user satisfaction and productivity
  • Failed backups

Realisable benefits
A SmartStart utilising Oxygen SAP Basis Health Check overcomes these problems by offering the following benefits:

1. A Technical Improvement Roadmap which shows what improvements can be made and when
2. Increased system stability, reliability and availability
3. Better performance
4. More balanced utilisation of system resources
5. Better change management
6. Higher end user satisfaction and productivity

Grows With Your Business

  • Plan to develop the competence of your internal resources
  • Plan to grow your infrastructure capacity

People, technology, process– the SmartStart approach

With Oxygen’s SAP Basis Health Check SmartStart, you benefit from Oxygen’s years of implementation experience. Our health check assessment report helps you identify potential problems in your system and operation and provides the recommendations as well as action plans to help you improve the situation step by step.

Oxygen’s experienced consultants are also available to help you tackle a wide variety of technical or operational issues relating your implementation.