Improve stock accuracy with real-time, mobile inventory management apps

What is inStock?

inStock, a Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company solution, is a suite of six apps that enables mobile inventory management, allowing organisations to achieve greater stock accuracy and to record inventory movements as they happen.

Because it is built using SAP Fiori UI5 technology, inStock runs on all mobile operating systems allowing transactions to occur with an organisation’s SAP ERP system in real-time.

Mobile inventory management benefits

  • Improve stock accuracy with mobile, real-time inventory information and transactional processing
  • Reduce blocked vendor invoices through more timely and accurate goods receipts
  • Improve costing accuracy through more timely and accurate goods issues

Why choose inStock?

inStock can help any organisation running inventory management in SAP ERP without the use of warehouse management. It is ideal for organisations where accurate and timely stock information and updates are vital to optimise asset utilisation or improve customer order fulfilment. It helps organisations solve the following common inventory management problems

  • Inaccurate inventory holdings due to untimely information and transactional processing (goods receipts, issues, transfers)
  • Too many blocked vendor invoices due to missing goods receipts
  • Inaccurate costs due to missing goods issues
  • Time consuming, data entry intensive stocktake processes
  • Not knowing inventory availability anywhere, anytime

Key features

inStock mobilises standard ERP inventory management functionality utilising existing ERP security. Its key features include:

  • Accessed via SAP Fiori Launchpad
  • Data is retrieved from SAP ERP in real-time
  • Documents can be edited online and posted to SAP ERP in real-time
  • Input fields are ‘scan ready’ for keyboard emulation scanning devices
  • The apps cater for all combinations of material usage possible in standard SAP ERP Material Management including: Batch Management, Split Valuation and Serialisation


inStock’s six apps support an effective maintenance resource planning process to drive down stock holdings and improve delivery performance to both internal and external customers. The apps include: