Data Loading & Extraction SmartStart

Challenge: Increase data productivity, security & compliance while reducing costs.

Replace manual data entry and complex technical tools by easily and securely shuttling data between Microsoft Excel or Access and SAP without programming using Winshuttle's technology. Founded in 2003, Winshuttle, Inc. is the leading provider of data loading and extraction tools for SAP users worldwide. Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company is Australia and New Zealand’s leading licensed reseller and implementer of Winshuttle software solutions.

The Winshuttle solution consists of two main products:

  1. transactionSHUTTLE allows the simplified creation of upload scripts and then execution.
  2. querySHUTTLE enables simplified creation of ad hoc queries and subsequent execution.

Both of these products have run time only versions which can be given to users who you don’t want to create data objects.

A third product which governs the dataupload process. eSHUTTLE provides centralised control of upload and download of data. This product integrates withMicrosoft Office and Sharepoint to ensure all data is approved before upload and full traceability is maintained for uploaded data.

This is ideal for environments with high compliance requirements. UXCOxygen’s trained SHUTTLEmasters assist organisations to match their data requirements with the most appropriate solution in the portfolio. We then assist with solution implementation, SAP mapping and query design and support.

Typical challenges

  • Lots of manual or repetitive data entry into SAP
  • Users requesting upload programs or tools to simplify the data entry process
  • Help desk or IT department is regularly uploading mass data fi les for end users
  • Large numbers of LSMW or CATT files being used in the business (alternative to using transactionSHUTTLE)
  • Lack of control over data uploads for roll outs
  • Large investment in Business Intelligence tools with constant requests for new data or cubes that are used only a limited number of times.

Realisable benefits
IT cost reduction:

  • Reduced time for users or IT staff creating upload programs
  • Reduction in the number of interfaces and upload programs required to be upgraded
  • Reduction in the number of ad hoc data queries though the BI system

End user increased efficiency:

  • Reduced manual data entry by the simple execution of uploads
  • Increased system utilisation and accuracy through better maintained data
  • Increased access to ad hoc data requirements from the system

Increased compliance and visibility:

  • Systematic capture of all data uploads
  • Auditable data upload approval and validation
  • Enhanced control over data load and extract functionality compared to SAP alternatives

People, technology, process– the SmartStart approach
With Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company’s Data Loading & Extraction SmartStart and Winshuttle partner solutions you benefit from the combination of Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company’s experience and Winshuttle’s award winning SAP data load and extraction tools. Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company consultants work with you to implement the software and integrate processes into the day to day operating procedures of your organisation. Our complete solution includes training and change material to ensure your entire organisation is brought on a journey with people not technology leading the way.

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