GeoSPARK for Vegetation Management

Harsher climatic conditions and tougher regulations require pro-active efforts in the scrutiny and maintenance of field-based assets and the environment that surrounds them. GeoSpark for Vegetation Management helps you meet these challenges.

GeoSPARK for Vegetation Management

A comprehensive Geo-Spatial and Mobile capable Vegetation Management Solution.

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Locate, execute, optimise

Offering integrated asset and work order management functionality, GeoSpark is integrated with Intelfuse’s datafuse3D to provide a full LIDAR data enabled solution.

GeoSpark establishes a comprehensive picture of an asset and the exact proximity of any objects or vegetation that may surround it. Using those measurements, Intelfuse applies rule-based protocols to help you decide whether vegetation maintenance needs to be scheduled. It gives you the ability to receive remote inspection results, schedule work orders, assign resources, and execute any cut and clearing activities.

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