GeoSPARK for Fleet Management

GeoSpark integrates fleet asset modelling and resource scheduling with mobile work order execution, including vehicle and safety check instructions, giving you an enhanced user experience, an audit trail of field activities performed and richer reporting.

A comprehensive Geo-Spatial and Mobile capable Fleet Management Solution.

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Intuitive, web-based and mobile tools help you complete your fleet management planning and execution tasks quickly and accurately. Integrated with GPS location vehicle tracking, GeoSpark can track the history of each vehicle in your fleet.

Real time telematics

GeoSpark facilitates the streaming of real time location information from vehicles and can track vehicle history. GeoSpark makes this streamed information available for use in maintenance plans, for predictive maintenance calculations, and for the generation of real time alerts. Streaming can be extended to information from any connected fleet asset. Telematics data can be collected as measurement data against the work order / asset.