Social Media Analytics

The SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence solution enables companies to carry out social media analytics and react more quickly to customer complaints.

Today’s consumers don’t waste any time in making their bad experiences with products and services public: complaints posted on social platforms like Twitter or Facebook, and in online blogs, forums, and consumer platforms spread like wildfire and could, in fact, spell the end of a company and its products. Sales, service, and marketing departments are therefore well advised to take a closer look at these kinds of comments.

SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence is SAP’s package offering of four SAP HANA-based CRM services for marketing and sales. Mazza and Thomas Ruhl, Head of Social CRM at SAP, believe one distinct advantage of the tool is its ability to link monitoring results with transaction data from the user’s ERP or CRM system. What’s more, users can determine how significant a particular contact is for their company on the basis of key figures such as sales revenue.