SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

SAP PLM allows your organisation to successfully adapt to this changing environment by managing every phase in a product’s lifecycle, from conception through to retirement.

Innovation is no longer the sole preserve of the designer or engineer. The most successful companies involve all departments in developing innovative products, including marketing and sales, planning and production, procurement and maintenance, as well as external parties, such as partners, suppliers, contract manufacturers, service providers and most importantly, customers.

Oxygen, A DXC Technology Company's SAP PLM solution facilitates creativity and takes the idea of product innovation beyond traditional organisational constraints. It provides a holistic view of all product-related business processes and information throughout the complete product and asset life cycle.
This applies from product conception, design, and engineering, production ramp-up and product change management, through to service and maintenance. In short, it enables companies to get the right product to market at the right time and at the right cost. Oxygen’s product lifecycle management solutions are specifically designed to target the bottom line. We focus on:

  • Reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) through solutions that provide easy integration of operational systems (such as SAP SCM, SAP CRM, SAP E-Commerce, SAP Business Intelligence and SAP Marketplace)
  • Speeding up time-to-market by using a complete solution to manage and retrieve all product-related information
  • Improving cooperation with customers, suppliers and partners through an environment in which everyone can share, review and change information
  • Reducing maintenance costs and increasing equipment availability
  • Reducing cost-to-market by monitoring project progress and using this information to support investment and divestment decisions for products
  • Reducing risk exposure by providing an robust risk management framework

This added value is underpinned by Oxygen’s commitment to customer value management, robust project and change management methodologies and building effective client relationships based on trust.

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