SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

SAP CRM builds the value of an organisation’s customer portfolio through more effective marketing, sales and customer service. All of which equates to increased profitability.

Oxygen, A DXC Technology Company’s team specialises in SAP CRM, which independent analysis has shown can increase customer retention and lead generation and reduce both time to market and time to delivery.

Our approach is to build a solution for businesses in phases. Each phase is manageable, delivers tangible value and maintains momentum towards the final solution.

Oxygen’s advantage is an ability to integrate SAP CRM, SAP ERP, sales and distribution or retail solutions into other core business functions, reducing stock and the inventory of receivables. Importantly, this reduces IT maintenance costs and enhances the transparency and understanding of the customer portfolio. Getting you closer to your customers is our speciality.

We have a grounded delivery approach: we only work where we can add value and build relationships based on trust to lower costs for our clients. Underpinning this is Oxygen’s commitment to customer value management, robust project and change management methodologies and an effective risk management framework.

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