Self-Service Analytics

A successful Self Service model relies on an established BI framework that provides governance, process and trust.

Oxygen, A DXC Technology Company offers this framework through the EDW and IM offerings described above.

We understand that a Self Service model will be discretionary for your users. Unlike operational reporting which is an embedded function, your users don’t have to use it. Our approach is ensure that your Self Service model is simple, insightful and reliable. Build it right and they will come!

Oxygen offer the following capabilities to empower your users :

  • Analytical Reporting – how best to use the suite of standard SAP tools & other 3rd party products to look for trends/outliers and provide the ability to drilldown and slice your information on the fly.
  • Predictive Analysis – use the statistical capabilities now available to take you beyond analytical reporting so you can understand ‘why it happened?’ and ‘what will happen?’. The visually-rich, self-service tools will then allow you to create an interactive & compelling story board.
  • Report Dissemination – whether it be an operational/analytical report or predictive analysis, you need to be able to share it widely and easily, but in a controlled manner. Let us show you how the SAP BI suite can accomplish this.
  • Mobility – take your BI solution with you. Let us show you how to make your offering accessible anywhere and anytime.
  • End User Training – leverage your investment by training your people. Oxygen will provide trainers with practical in-depth knowledge and understanding to ensure that you get the most value from your investment.