Data Visualisation

Deliver visually appealing analytics to communicate information clearly and efficiently through interactive graphical content.

This offering is provided as part of your Business Intelligence environment to maximise your investment in your data management and SAP landscape.

Oxygen, A DXC Technology Company uses our experience through the implementation of many analytical solutions to supply easy to use data visualisation content. It provides insights into your data and enhances the end-user experience, increasing end-use adoption. Our visualisation solutions are not just based on using the right technology but matching the requirement to the functional use of the data.

The following services are part of Oxygen’s Business Intelligence & Analytics teams’ capability:

  • End-user adoption – delivering visually rich solutions that are easy to use improving end-user adoption; a critical component for measuring the success of your business intelligence strategy
  • Predictive Analysis – use the statistical capabilities now available to take you beyond analytical reporting so you can understand ‘why it happened?’ and ‘what will happen?’. The visually-rich, self-service tools will then allow you to create an interactive & compelling story board.
  • “What if” Analysis – allowing consumers to work with the data and visualise potential changes to key metrics through a rich set of controls, such as interactive dials and sliders
  • Composite Solutions – building line of business and industry applications to embed data visualisation within the end to end functional solution
  • Dashboard Design & Development – ensuring the design and subsequent development of a dashboard meets the functional, technical and overall usage requirements of an organisation; as part of the business intelligence deployment
  • Guided Analysis – the use of visualisation tools and dashboards naturally lead to the need for further analysis, through links to other visualisations, self-service and operational reporting. Guided Analysis to other business intelligence content enhances the solution
  • End User Training – providing a mix of training and knowledge transfer sessions to end-users to empower them to take ownership of the developed content and to feel confident in using the tools.