BI & Analytics

Drive more Intelligent Processes and Decisions with SAP Business Intelligence (BI)

Information is power and a vital business asset. To obtain it, organisations rely upon data warehousing solutions to collect data from key line of business systems and deploy business intelligence tools to report, analyse and interpret the information.

This creates visibility of business performance across an organisation and provide insights into process improvements, facilitates business planning and helps organisations retain competitive edge.

Link top floor to shop floor

Regardless of whether an organisation uses SAP as its ERP system or not, Oxygen, A DXC Technology Company can equip it with powerful information gathering and reporting tools using SAP’s two key business intelligence platforms – SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Business Information Warehouse.

We are experts at implementing solutions that help organisations put day-to-day performance information in the hands of key decision makers. Easy to access and analyse, this information is made available in real time, allowing companies to quickly and efficiently identify areas of organisational performance improvement.

Oxygen’s talented pool of consultants has extensive industry experience in data warehousing, data integration and functional analytics. We help companies choose the right tool for the job, based on a thorough understanding of their business reporting and planning requirements.