YICTE just keeps getting better and better

By Mark Villazon, Practice Manager, BI & Analytics on

From toilet cistern contraptions to Virtual Reality games, the entries in this year’s Young ICT Explorers (YICTE) competition, Brisbane sector, showcased the fruits of some very imaginative minds.

This year over 400 students in Brisbane submitted inventive and inspirational entries to the SAP-sponsored not-for-profit ICT contest, open to school children Years 3 to 12.

When I was growing up in the 80s ICT related subjects were, in the main, out of reach. Computers were expensive and not yet very ‘personal’, and the internet didn’t even exist!

However, the desire to learn about computers and how to program the VIC 20 in BASIC was there. I remember how rewarding it was when I managed to nest two FOR-loops to generate any times table. When I reflect back to those days, I really wish a program like YICTE was around.

How things have changed. Celebrating its seventh year, at YICTE I witnessed young children writing virtual reality games that taught people about environmental awareness and saw one young student create a very cool two-player tank shooter game. The most memorable project however, was a contraption that reminded children to flush the toilet and wash their hands. Failure to do either would send a message to the authorities – aka mum!

Having had the privilege of being a judge last year it was encouraging to see many familiar faces return, pitching upgraded and revised projects more complex than the year before.

I was also humbled to be teamed up with last year's Year 12 winner, Imogen Low. As the winner she was offered an internship at SAP for six months, which she believes has been an excellent platform to complement her university degree. She has now been offered a further six-month extension.

The Young ICT Explorer competition is a wonderful platform that nurtures our children’s creativity and develops their ability for methodical experimentation. With only the South Australia sector remaining to be judged, excitement is building to see who will be crowned overall winners in each category. Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company is proud to volunteer as a judge in the events across the nation.

Click here for more information on the Young ICT Explorer competition.