Why we deliver more value for customers from SAP

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SAP solutions provider, Oxygen, a DXC Technologiy Company, is pleased to announce that it is now the only local, certified SAP Partner that can deliver Solution Manager as a Managed Service (SMaaMS).

There are two reasons why, as an SAP customer, this is important to you.

Delivering value for your SAP Maintenance buck

Firstly, we will drive value from your SAP Maintenance payments, whether you pay SAP Maintenance to SAP or via a Partner Centre of Expertise (PCoE) such as Oxygen, a DXC Technology Company.

Our unique ‘Operate’ and ‘Innovate’ program delivers value from our customers’ maintenance payments in a programmatic way, including delivering value from the feature rich SAP Solution Manager.
We will identify where the value in Solution Manager exists for you specifically and help you to demystify Solution Manager and deliver real value.

Removing bottlenecks to SAP innovation

Secondly, SAP Solution Manager is often deemed a non-core solution and remains out of date. This results in Solution Manager often being a bottle neck to innovation as deploying new functionality elsewhere may rely on patching and upgrading your Solution Manager system.

By using our SMaaMS solution, you will have access to a stable Solution Manager system that is always patched (N-1) and ready to go – removing the innovation and cost barriers to furthering your investment in SAP.

Contact us below to find out how we can deliver SMaaMS to you regardless of your existing maintenance relationship.

We can talk through the gains in reliability, reduction in cost, increases in functionality and enablement of innovation relevant to you.