What’s new in SAP HANA SPS12?

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Here is a quick rundown of some of the enhancements included in the now available SAP HANA SPS12 release. These are aimed at simplifying IT consumption and accelerating business performance insights for customers.
  • SPS12 now includes the ability to capture workloads and replay them on target systems to simulate real workloads and compare statement runtimes.
  • The SAP HANA Cockpit has several new configuration and monitoring options – including scheduling all backup jobs, monitoring the longest running threads active in the system for immediate visibility of blocking situations, and additional integration for workload management and security.
  • Security enhancements include expanded monitoring, improved authorization troubleshooting, and simplified key management.
  • Support for standard code management tools, such as Git, GitHub and Maven, expands to include integrated Git/Gerrit for improved workflow of Git approvals and code reviews.
  • Text mining features two major enhancements. Firstly, the previously inaccessible text mining index is now available for data scientists as a system table that can be used as the basis for custom/proprietary algorithms. Secondly, text mining features improved precision by leveraging multi-word concepts (ie. ‘fast food’ or ‘retirement home’).
  • In the area of spatial processing, the Application Function Library (AFL) SDK now supports spatial data types, which allows the building of custom spatial algorithms.
  • Geocoding (ie. address to latitude/longitude) is now natively available in SAP HANA as part of smart data quality.
  • Smart Data Integration is enhanced with adapters to handle more scenarios.  It now supports new sources such as: Google+, Informix, E-mail (.pst) file. These new adapters allow customers to access data from a broader range of systems.

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