Think carefully about opportunistic offers

By Patrick Saundry on

It pays to think strategically about changing platforms for short term benefit.

Some of you may be aware Oracle is making an offer to SAP Business ByDesign customers for its own cloud ERP software. This is a purely opportunistic offer that I feel provides no long-term strategic benefits to customers already committed to SAP.

The offer is designed to lure customers who may be uneasy about SAP's recent announcement regarding the future direction of Business ByDesign. SAP Business ByDesign was developed from the ground up as a new investment for SAP's cloud solutions. However, after a significant period of ramp up and initial development SAP has reconsidered where Business ByDesign sits in relation to its total cloud solution software portfolio, and has made the decision to limit the scope of future development for the product.

I urge any organisation who is considering taking up the Oracle offer to think carefully about the long-term ramifications of switching. If you want to discuss your current situation, we are more than willing to talk to you about SAP Business ByDesign, and help you formulate your best way forward.

It is important to note that Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company's strategy for SME's has always been aligned to SAP Business One. SAP Business One was aquired by SAP more than 10 years ago and has had a much more impressive growth path and now boasts in excess of 40,000 customers globally. It is the cornerstone of SAP's small and mid-market ERP business, and is offered as an on-premise and in the cloud on-demand/subscription solution.

SAP is a market leader in business/technology platforms globally and will continue to buy, develop, upgrade, modify and change a vast portfolio of solutions for its respective global markets.

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Patrick Saundry leads Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company's SME business - Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company for SAP Business One.