The digitization of our lives

By Stuart Dickinson, CEO on
Everywhere I look I am constantly reminded about the change that is being empowered by technology.

Last week SAP hosted the first ever architecture and developers’ summit in Sydney. Our team gathered with almost 300 other like-minded technologists to share and learn about the latest from SAP. It was the first event of its type in Australia for SAP and highlighted to me both how far the SAP solution has come, and the challenges and the opportunities we have in front of us.

As the cries of “SAP’s UI is not beautiful” are replaced with “Wow, is that really SAP?” – an even bigger, more fundamental change is also occurring.

How we use and what we can enable with technology is rapidly changing. Gartner, a leading IT analyst organization, recently announced that “The growing digital economy is fuelling Australian spending on technology products and services, with the total spend expected to grow by 4.1% next year to $78.7 billion. In New Zealand, IT spending will reach NZ$11.6 billion over the course of next year.”

Nowhere is this opportunity highlighted more starkly than in SAP Platform President, Steve Lucas’s, recent SAP TechEd keynote on SAP platform directions. Over the course of the presentation Steve highlighted opportunity after opportunity around digitization – everything from health and safety related smart headgear, through to performance monitoring of an organics operation. It's a great watch and well worth the 90 minutes.

Our customers are no different. Across our entire portfolio of projects we are helping them digitize business processes, their customer experiences and their supply chains.

Now, more often than not, underpinning these projects is a hosting and managed cloud delivery solution supported with a longer-term software and solution management agreement. Our ability to deliver an integrated solution; software, solution consulting, IP, hosting and support is now more critical than ever to our customers as they move towards the complete digitization of their business and customer experiences.

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