Social Media is Driving Real Time Messages, Not Just by Your Clients

By Mark Finlayson on
Do you know what is being said about you your company on Social Media? You cannot go for 5 minutes in the world today without hearing something about Social Media.

Although originally designed as a College Communications medium, social media has evolved into a platform for all ages and all situations. Families are posting holiday snaps for those in far off lands. Friendship groups and sporting clubs are using the services as a means to broadly communicate, and maintain records of successes and failures. Media personalities of stage and screen are using the platforms to send messages, with some even having cultural and societal improvements in mind.

Not only is society commenting offline about their experiences both good and bad, (Remember the saying 1 happy customer tells 3 people, 1 unhappy customer will tell 15), but there is a growing trend to also comment online.  Feedback to your company will be immediate and truthful. Your company could be the topic of a blog or a forum right now.  It is highly likely that this minute, someone , somewhere is thinking and talking about their experiences with your company.  Do you know what they are saying ? Do you have a mechanism to answer their comments?  To address the feedback proactively and decisively so that negative feedback is quickly addressed and positive feedback is broadly re-communicated?

Not all feedback is coming from your clients, suppliers or partners. Many of your staff are also commenting about the experience they have with working for your company. How are you handling those comments ? Are you aware of them? Do you allow access to Social Media sites on work computers and devices?

Every business these days should have an active Social Media Strategy, supported by a dedicated Social Media team, designed to manage and mediate the market, industry and social media messages, both internally and external. Here are some questions that your Social Media Strategy should answer;

•         What are people saying about us ?
•         How do we manage our responses and address negativity quickly ?
•         How do we engage on this platform in a constructive and positive discussion ?
•         How does social media fit into our broader digital communications strategy?
•         How is Social Media marketing embedded into our broader marketing approach ?
•         How do we leverage our whole workforce to engage in social media to provide real-time market pulse testing ? How do we harness the responses. ?

Social Media is a powerful platform for business message management. Handled well with a strategic eye, it will be a powerful tool. Handled badly, and the negative impacts could be destructive.

Tell me your thoughts on Social Media Strategy in your organisation, and the impact either positive or negative ?

Mark Finlayson is the General Manager of Solutions and Consulting for Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company.