SAP Mobile BO Leader of the Pack

By Mark Finlayson on
I recently read a study conducted by Dresner Advisory Services, LLC, titled “Mobile Computing / Mobile Business Intelligence Market Study”.

This report, while quite lengthy, predicted a real explosion for mobile business intelligence, the SAP BusinessObjects mobile app has had over 1 million downloads alone, giving SAP the title of “leader of the pack” in the crowded mobile business intelligence market.

We are seeing not only the fast paced millennia’s embracing the opportunity for simple and fast access to real-time information for better business interactions and instant insight to enable action, but also management on all levels and from all age groups.  Those who once lacked the time required to sit behind their computer reviewing extensive information can now be mobile and have that information condensed, visible and current at their fingertips.  I think however, this is being used for more than just informational purposes and is really focused on enabling on-the-spot decision making, that is support Agile Business model.

It makes me excited to see how we have gone from desk based, to mobile, to the possibilities of tomorrow.

Mark Finlayson is the General Manager of Solutions and Consulting Australia for Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company.  He can be contacted on