SAP BPC Health Check

By Jason Harris on
Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company’s Health Checks have been designed to identify if your business is getting the most out of your investment in SAP BPC. The Health Check will identify potential weaknesses and process inefficiencies with your BPC system, as well as providing Best Practice recommendations to get the most out of your BPC solution.


  • Are you getting maximum value from your SAP BPC solution?
  • Do you have doubts as to whether your BPC processes follow best practices?
  • Has your system usage changed over time from its initial design?
  • Have performance and response times declined?
  • Have you recently completed a significant piece of development work or upgraded?


If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions then take advantage of the benefits of the Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company’s BPC Health Check services.

What does the Health Check include?

Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company’s Health Check includes a review of your current BPC implementation (these can be tailored to meet specific business needs), which includes:

  • System landscape check
    • Basis SAP recommended configuration
    • BW system configuration
    • BPC system configuration
    • System stability and performance
  • Architecture review
  • Design assessment
  • Process review
  • Integration checks (data loads)
  • Reporting analysis

What do you receive with the Health Check?

After conducting a system review, Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company will provide a report on the current weaknesses and process inefficiencies identified with your BPC solution. The report will also include recommendations and indicative cost estimates to address weaknesses and process inefficiencies identified.

When Do You Need A Health Check?

If you answered "Yes" to the challenge questions above you should take advantage of Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company’s BPC Health Check service offering. 

It is also recommended to perform Health Checks periodically.

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