Our SAP Solution Manager, at your service

By Tony Swietochowski, Principal Consultant, Platform & Technologies on

For many small to medium-sized customers, SAP Solution Manager is a bit of a mystery. While most understand that from a licencing perspective it is mandatory to have Solution Manager running, not many understand its full capabilities.

What is SAP Solution Manager?

Its key role is compiling data and sending EarlyWatch Alert reports to SAP as a way of monitoring the health of a customer’s system.

While Solution Manager offers a lot more in terms of landscape management, in reality many SAP customers with relatively simple SAP environments do not plumb the depths of its functionality.

In short, it is regarded by many customers as a system that takes up precious computing power and software maintenance resources for seemingly little direct return.

Oxygen's Solution Manager as a Managed Service

To help free up these resources, Oxygen has launched Solution Manager as a Managed Service, allowing customers to outsource their SAP system to our Solution Manager infrastructure.

For a one-off fee we configure an encrypted VPN tunnel to ensure security for connections between the customer’s system and our Solution Manager, and then an ongoing monthly fee ensures the EarlyWatch Alert reporting continues uninterrupted.

The customer receives the same functionality as before but by using our system to produce the reports, it does away with having to dedicate any of its own on-premise hardware to the task.

Time to upgrade to Solution Manager 7.2?

Come December 2017 maintenance for all previous versions of Solution Manager runs out and SAP will be encouraging all customers to upgrade to Solution Manager 7.2 – a task that will incur effort and cost, and soak up valuable IT resources.

Upgrading from a previous version can be a two to three-week exercise. Reimplementing and configuring Solution Manager from scratch takes a similar amount of time.

Key customer benefits of Oxygen’s Solution Manager as a Managed Service

  • Zero direct hardware and infrastructure costs (e.g. hardware, backups etc.)
  • Zero direct software maintenance costs (e.g. patching or upgrades). We keep our software up to date.
  • Zero direct system administration costs (e.g. system checks)
  • Reduced configuration time: We maintain templates which mean we don’t need to always start from scratch. Our templates provide a 70-80% best fit which translates to cost savings.
  • Direct access to our team: Customers have access to our global team of expert consultants. There is no need to tender or go to market each time there is a requirement. Just contact us.

System Monitoring & Business Process Optimisation add-ons

We also offer more sophisticated Solution Manager services as needed, such as system monitoring and business process optimisation. One of our key additional services, system monitoring provides 24/7 real-time oversight of a customer’s SAP environment.

If a customer’s system experiences any problems, we are alerted and have staff on call – both during and after office hours – to step in and remedy the situation. This proactive service ensures minor problems don’t become major issues.

Want to learn more?

For more information about Oxygen’s Solution Manager as a Managed Service please don’t hesitate to contact us