Moving to the cloud an efficient way to meet user demand.

By Tony Swietochowski, Principal Consultant on

Oxygen is practising what it preaches by moving its Solution Manager subscription service to the cloud – a quick and effective way to run-up more computing power on demand.


Our Solution Manager as a Managed Service (SMaaMS) allows customers to outsource the management and monitoring of their SAP system to our Solution Manager infrastructure. For an ongoing monthly fee we provide uninterrupted EarlyWatch Alert reporting and can provide a range of more sophisticated Solution Manager services if required.

SMaaMS has proven a popular way for customers to free up IT infrastructure and hand-off system monitoring to our expert team. In fact, we now have so many customers using our SAP Solution Manager infrastructure we have migrated the service to the cloud – moving it from an on-premise installation onto an SAP HANA database on Amazon Web Services.

We moved the service to the cloud because our on-premise infrastructure had reached capacity. As more and more customers signed up to the outsourced service – around 119 systems have now been on-boarded – response times for online interactions had begun to deteriorate. As SMaaMS is the cornerstone of our SAP customer support we knew we had to address the infrastructure deficit that was slowing down the system and causing the poor user experience.

We are keen proponents of cloud computing as we believe it is a great way for customers to simplify their in-house IT landscape and scale up computing power when needed. This move is a great case in point. The cloud infrastructure has allowed us to rapidly increase computing capacity without a large upfront capital expenditure.

The cost, time and effort we would have incurred by selecting, purchasing and deploying on-premise hardware was greatly reduced by choosing to run up new computing power in the cloud. After only several days of preparing the new infrastructure, the cutover to the new system only took around five hours, including database export/import and post-processing.

We saved weeks in time and thousands of dollars in upfront costs, and customers report that their online support experience has improved significantly.

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