Market momentum building as customers embrace digital journey

By Stuart Dickinson, Director, General Manager on

When SAP staged its Sapphire NOW showcase earlier in the year, I suggested it was setting out its stall to become the leading enterprise platform for business. Now, several months down the track, I see that strategy gathering momentum. The market is responding positively and interest is growing.

The acceptance of new technology traditionally follows a bell curve progression. A trickle of early adopters picks up the leading-edge solution and if those implementations prove successful the market reacts with a swelling number of organisations seeking to reap the benefits of a transformational change.

The SAP digital transformation journey

Here at Oxygen we are having more and more conversations with customers who are keen to begin, or in many cases continue, their digital transformation journey. This, I believe, is a vote of confidence in the approach SAP has adopted.

The three key planks in that strategy involve the adoption of SAP’s next generation business suite – S/4HANA, strong data governance and a cloud-orientated deployment and application operations capability.

Digital Transformation & SAP S/4HANA

We have several customers currently evaluating SAP S/4HANA. Our Innovation and Readiness Assessment Service provides customers with a roadmap for identifying the actions required to achieve the performance benefits available with S/4HANA.

It shows organisations how S/4HANA can deliver better user experiences, deeper customer interactions and real-time data processing for improved performance analysis.

Digital Transformation & SAP data governance

The ability to consolidate and centrally govern data to ensure its quality and consistency across the organisation is a fundamental requirement of any transformation.

To this end, Oxygen is partnering with Datum, a company that helps organisations identify the data that is important to them. It has developed a value management platform to help organisations define, manage and sustain a data operating model for ongoing information success. Along the way it improves key activities such as financial consolidation, customer service, and supplier on-boarding.

Digital Transformation & SAP cloud-based deployment

Underpinning the digital journey is the need for a flexible and scalable enterprise architecture. This is where Oxygen’s cloud capabilities resonate with customers. Organisations come to us with a range of different business drivers.

Some want to leverage the advantages of transitioning to a consumption-based IT model. Others want to minimise transformation risks, or reduce complexity whilst retaining the ability to scale up or down as their business demands.

All of these buying factors can be addressed with cloud-based technologies. Our ‘as- a-service’ offerings across infrastructure, platform and software allow customers to move to a fully integrated, automated enterprise that can scale quickly and facilitates the rapid adoption of innovative solutions.

We continue to work Microsoft Azure and AWS to ensure our customers have the best hosting and deployment capabilities available to support their digital transformation. This, combined with a modern Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CICD) approach to managing and enhancing SAP, enables organisations to rapidly and continuously adjust their processes as their business requirements change.

I believe every customer’s digital journey is unique. The technology used to support those journeys is now mature and flexible enough to adapt to different business requirements, and able to support transformation across infrastructure, enterprise and cloud-enabled applications.

The business outcomes of digital transformation – improved collaboration, enhanced customer experiences and the ability to continuously improve business performance, to mention just a few – are now realistically attainable. Partnering with customers to achieve those goals as simply and effectively as possible is what Oxygen does best. It’s always a challenge – and a privilege – to help make that happen.