Keep it simple

By Stuart Dickinson - CEO on
At the recent SAPPHIRE event SAP recently announced a new initiative, one that will gladden the hearts of industry leaders, business professionals and hardworking IT staff everywhere.

SAP’s new mantra is ‘Death to complexity’. Mobile computing and the rise of the digital economy are creating many opportunities, but they will only be fully realised if organisations can leverage technology quickly and effectively – simplicity is key.

There are many drivers which make the pursuit of technology simplicity a ‘no- brainer’ for enterprises wishing to stay ahead of the competition. The key threat is the cost of maintaining legacy software – particularly custom applications. Bolting on new layers to legacy solutions requires costly development and ongoing support. It also adds to landscape complexity and reduces an organisation’s ability to implement operational and organisational change, which means it can’t react quickly to new trends affecting its market.

Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company wants customers to use software solutions so they can compete and win. So what actions need to be taken to help manifest simplicity and reach that objective?

Firstly, cleaning house is vital. Removing legacy approaches to technology, along with highly customised software and non-digital processes will clear the way for a fresh business improvement agenda to be established.

Secondly, a clear headed analysis of exactly where technology adds to a business is essential. In other words, what processes depend upon technology and which ones can be greatly improved through its application?

Improvement agendas often fall down because they take too long to implement. Organisations that can implement change quickly and effectively, by slicing off bite size chunks will flourish in the digital economy. Multi-year programmes run the risk of becoming obsolescent before they even get off the ground unless they are clearly thought out and quick wins are delivered along the way.

Agility is what most businesses prize highly. In a market dominated by rapid technological changes companies need the ability to adapt their software and processes quickly and effectively so they can respond to opportunities and challenges.

So what’s our role?

Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company’s prime objective is to provide organisations with the right industry experience and business process expertise. We are business professionals, and customers rely on us and our partnership network – both locally and globally – to support them on their business improvement journey.

By leveraging our implementation experience, IP and broad range of industry specific solution accelerators we can guide organisations away from complexity – and, we can document the effectiveness our efforts with real world case studies that demonstrate the benefits other organisations have reaped by making a similar journey.

If you want to learn how to simplify your technology landscape please contact us on for more information.