Hayes Gold Client Solutions

By Joel Stehr on

Hayes Gold Client Solutions have two great offers available until the end of 2013.


DataWave is best suited for smaller organisations that are have tighter budgetary constraints or larger organisations that only really need a solution for provision of test data. DataWave utilises the power of DataEcho specifically for the replication of SAP Production master and transactional data. Through the Intelligent Slice functionality, the system will automatically identify the top 1,000 master data objects in each area (for example: customers, vendors, materials) and copy these plus a subset of the relevant transactions for these master data objects (for example: purchase orders, sales orders, invoices). The transactions copied across will be varied in terms of their processing state. For example a range of purchase orders may be replicated with a percentage fully delivered & fully invoiced, a percentage fully delivered & not invoiced and a percentage not delivered & not invoiced.

DataWave allows users to quickly and easily take SAP Production data into non productive systems to facilitate more thorough testing more efficiently.


DataEcho is the flagship product of Hayes Technology Group. It includes functionality that allows users to replicate SAP Production data in non productive systems. It includes smarts to allow selective choice of specific objects as well as rules engines that cater for scrambling of sensitive data on the way through. This means that users can replicate SAP Production issues in Development & Test environments as well as facilitate testing and training by moving data into test and training environments, scrambling sensitive information such as credit cards or HR data as part of the process.

For more detail on DataEcho please refer to the attached Solution Overview or register to one of our 3 webinars.

For further information around pricing please contact info@uxcoxygen.com.