From Design Studio 1.6 to Lumira 2.0

By Kevin Allen, Lead BI Consultant, Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company on

In my last two blogs (What’s new in Lumira 1.31 and Looking Ahead with Lumira) I talked about what’s new in Lumira 1.31 and what SAP plans for Lumira 2.x. We also looked at the Lumira Roadmap, which covers Design Studio (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Lumira Roadmap and Design Studio

SAP has released more information on the upgrade and content conversion from Design Studio 1.6 to Lumira 2.0. Figure 2 shows some of the major updates and deprecated feature. It is good to see that 2.0 applications will be based on SAPUI5.m libraries which is in keeping with other SAP technologies.

Figure 2. Lumira 2.0 major updates for Design Studio

As SAP has previously stated, DS 1.6 applications will run in Lumira 2.0. However, if you want to take advantage of the new feature in Lumira 2.0, then you will need to convert/migrate them to the new format. Reading between the lines, it seems that this is done by saving your 1.6 application in the 2.0 format, with some minor tweaks to style sheets and the look and feel of your application needed (see Figure 3). Which, all things considered, is pretty good when you consider the issues we all had converting Desktop Intelligence documents to Web Intelligence (Webi), or better said, rewriting them in Webi.

Figure 3. DS 1.6 applications will run in Lumira 2.0, but to use new features they need to be converted to 2.0.