Cloud – Hybrid’s the way ahead

By Stuart Dickinson, CEO, Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company on
We are practicing what we preach when it comes to the cloud.

Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company recently became the first organisation in Australasia to implement SAP’s cloud-based CRM application – SAP Cloud for Sales, and the first organisation in Asia Pacific to integrate that application with our on-premise SAP ERP system. We are leading the way in the design and implementation of a true hybrid cloud environment and we are leveraging the cloud to capitalise on two other key productivity and cost saving IT trends – collaboration and mobility.

Our Cloud for Sales application is fully mobile enabled, making it ideal for use by sales staff out in the field. It equips our sales professionals with everything they need to know about the customer to orchestrate the sale and allows them to record key interactions with customers quickly and easily via mobile devices, such as smartphones and iPads.

Being mobile, and in the cloud, facilitates ‘bring your own device’ computing – a trend that lets staff use their own personal computing device. Users are no longer bound by corporate IT restrictions, but rather can be provisioned with applications to run on a device of their own choosing.

The cloud edition of SAP Afaria is a secure mobile management solution that provides a low-cost, high return approach for deploying a comprehensive enterprise mobility strategy. It is providing our organisation with simplified application management, whilst enabling our sales staff access to real-time data. In essence, we are getting all the benefits and robust features of on-premise mobile device management without the capital expenses. It is easy for us to provision a new user and we still maintain end-to-end security but the user gets a whole lot more freedom to configure their device their way.

With access to the most up-to-date corporate information and the ability to collaborate on that information organisations can capitalise on new customer opportunities. To achieve better teamwork and build working alliances we have also integrated SAP Cloud for Sales with another SAP cloud-based application – SAP Jam, to provide improved collaboration between sales and consulting.

Collaboration and content sharing are not new concepts, but cloud computing has changed the nature of collaboration, document retrieval and electronic workflows, enabling enterprises to become more productive, rapid and cost effective. When information can be easily accessed regardless of where users are, what networks they are on or what devices that are using, a connective communication network is formed that allows knowledge workers to share and interact with co-workers with a strong focus on business process-based tasks.

SAP’s cloud portfolio is about flexibility, choice and control. We have got SAP Cloud for Sales up and running at our organisation and we are now integrating it with our existing on-premise SAP ERP solution. By doing this we are leveraging our environment to achieve business improvement at lower cost. Using a hybrid cloud environment to bring on cloud solutions and combine them with our on-premise ERP solution allows us to innovate quickly and adapt processes to generate new value and save costs – all with minimal disruption to the business.

Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company and SAP now have a complete approach to cloud enablement that allows you to move at your own pace and adopt the cloud applications that are most suited to your own context. Most often we will recommend a hybrid cloud environment where you can augment the investment in your existing SAP ERP on-premise solution by adopting any one of a number of line of business cloud applications. These applications drive effective people collaboration and integrate social capabilities into key business processes across People, Customers, Money and Suppliers.

Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company has real life insight into the implementation of all the key productivity and cost saving trends that the cloud is helping enable and we are leveraging our deep on-premise experience with SAP to ensure you can achieve dynamic adoption of cloud based applications.

Companies need to move fast to stay competitive, but they also need to move in the right direction and adopt the right mix of cloud, hosted and on-premise technology based on their specific needs. Our aim is to help you define the right strategies and implement the right solutions using the convergence of social, mobile and cloud to engage quickly and effectively with customers, partners and employees.
Talk to us to find out how you can use the cloud to empower your workforce, execute at scale and develop deeper business relationships.

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