CEO Cook Off TODAY - the story from an OzHarvest volunteer's perspective

By Nina Genikis, Program Delivery Manager on

On Sunday I spent all day as part of the OzHarvest “Yellow Army” of volunteers setting up for the CEO Cook Off event that is taking place tonight, with our own Stu Dickinson!

He is going to be part of 40 kitchens run by 40 Executive Chefs who will feed 1300 homeless people in Barangaroo. This is a HUGE undertaking. The Cutaway hall in Barangaroo is an awe-inspiring venue.

Yesterday we laid out tables and chairs for 1300 people, set up the kitchen tables, gas cookers, pans, bowls, utensils for each kitchen complete with signs with the Chef’s names. We laid out condiments, cooking oils; juices in the refrigerators. The light and sound technicians were testing out their bits while forklift trucks shot around with banners, stages etc. In parallel at the headquarters in Alexandria other volunteers were preparing elements for the entrée.

Each person with get shared entrée, and plated main course and dessert. The CEO's will be working in groups with individual chefs and acting as kitchen hands with more volunteers on the day doing the fetching and carrying, serving and cleaning up. There will be an opportunity to mingle with the homeless people attending and hear their stories. It will also be hard work.

That’s what you are sponsoring Stu for – giving up his personal time to work (very hard) tonight for several hours to give needy people some real pleasure and sustenance. So if you haven’t already done so, please donate using this link. Nothing is too small and every contribution will be gratefully received.

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