B2Bs, is it time to fix that dated user experience?

12th February, 2018 — Blog

Slowly but surely, B2B companies are beginning to realise they need to catch up with the way their customers are finding, researching and buying their products through digital platforms. They’re starting to understand that they are being evaluated using the same criteria as B2C businesses.

More and more, they are seeing how customers are placing a higher priority on ease of use, relevance and value, just as they would on Amazon or any other digital marketplace.

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The bottom line: cloud ERP makes financial sense

8th February, 2018 — Blog

In today’s digital economy, IT leaders are constantly grappling with the need to match their infrastructure capacity with capital expenditures. Either their capacity falls short and hinders their ability to take advantage of new opportunities or they’ve tied their capital up in underutilised assets.

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​Are you squeezing the best value from your SAP maintenance?

1st February, 2018 — Blog

Software maintenance, and SAP software maintenance in particular, is a significant investment for most organisations. For this reason, it is important to ensure you are getting top quality support and best value for money from your SAP software maintenance provider.

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