BIG DATA is presenting BIG ISSUES and BIG Opportunities

By Mark Finlayson on
With the introduction of applications and solutions around capturing and mining Big Data, it has become possible to review incredible amounts of historical data to assist in customer, solution, product, market and supplier trends.

Recently, we have started to see the trends and threads identified through the Big Data set and how this information can be applied to potential future state opportunities with Predictive Analysis and future state scenarios.

This is allowing businesses to create value and respond to challenges in real time.

However, there are some interesting challenges and implications around this new world phenomenon. Pressure will be put on organisations to ensure there is an effective Information Strategy in place and that it includes;

  • Compelling and interactive governance processes
  • Effective awareness and application of data analytics including behavioural and predictive
  • An Information Management and Data Lifecycle plan that ensures effective control and archiving of the data asset.

How these areas come together will continue to evolve over the coming months.  It is clear that there will be new roles introduced into the organisational structure, and we are already seeing these start to appear. The Role of the CDO, the Chief Data Officer and also the Data Scientist and the Data Strategist role. Most Senior Data roles are appearing outside the traditional IT departments,  and have a place at the Executive Table, reporting to the CEO.

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the impact of Big Data in your organisation or company. Please let me know your thoughts.

Mark Finlayson is the General Manager of Solutions and Consulting for Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company.