Ariba Live offers insights into latest functionality of SAP’s cloud buying network

By Sapna Patil, SAP SCM Consultant on

This year I was the lucky Oxygen representative sent to attend the first Asia Pacific edition of SAP’s Ariba Live conference, staged in Sydney. Oxygen has completed several Ariba projects, most notably for power distribution company, TasNetworks in Tasmania, Ausgrid and IAG, and we are keen to grow our customer footprint with Ariba’s powerful strategic sourcing and procurement contract management software.

Takeaways from SAP Ariba Live 2017

The conference gave me a good insight into the technology roadmap SAP Ariba Is treading. Below is a summary of some of the latest offerings and functionality SAP Ariba is introducing to the market.

SNAP! procurement

Targeted at the mid-market, but equally at home in large enterprises, SNAP! procurement is a low cost, procure-to-pay packaged offering that can be implemented in a short timeframe.

It aims to reduce the lifecycle of a typical procurement implementation from 22 weeks down to 12. A SNAP! Procurement realm comes with preconfigured settings, 6-8 different spend categories and catalogues, that allows customers to get up and running quickly and cost-effectively. It is along the lines of SAP’s best practice rapid deployment solutions.

Spot buying

A new SAP Ariba feature, spot buying allows customers to procure goods that are not part of their contracted catalogues. In a partnership with eBay, spot buying provides a trusted source of supply from hundreds of pre-enabled suppliers and more than 10 million items. It offers customers a degree of control because it can be customised to suit each organisations’ specific policies and procedures.

Guided buying

SAP Ariba has introduced a new user interface that simplifies the whole procurement process for users. The new interface guides the user through the workflow process, simplifying each step, reducing user indecision and processing missteps ensuring buying decisions are aligned with procurement policy.

Direct material sourcing and procurement

SAP Ariba is typically used for procuring non-stock items. However, the latest edition to its software suite provides a single solution through which companies can drive an efficient digital source-to-contract process and collaborate with suppliers for direct materials with the same simplicity and speed as indirect goods and services.

This new integration allows customers to run sourcing functions for any essential stock items from their Bill of Materials, which flows into SAP Ariba from SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Online collaboration

SAP Ariba has also created an online collaboration channel allowing customers to communicate with their suppliers around the purchase and supply of direct items. This is an innovation that cuts down on sourcing mistakes and paperwork by enabling closer supplier collaboration and tighter integration across key areas, such as purchase orders and scheduling agreements, contract manufacturing and consigned inventory.

If you would like to talk to Oxygen about our SAP Ariba capabilities for your buying & procurement processes, please don’t hesitate to contact us below.