​Are you squeezing the best value from your SAP maintenance?

By Mike Price, Solution Delivery and Maintenance Manager, on

Software maintenance, and SAP software maintenance in particular, is a significant investment for most organisations. For this reason, it is important to ensure you are getting top quality support and best value for money from your SAP software maintenance provider.

I believe that Oxygen is currently leading the market with regard to SAP software maintenance, thanks to the comprehensive services contained in our complimentary value add ‘Operate & Innovate’ Program.

Unique in the AU/NZ region, our program has been developed to ensure that as a SAP enterprise support customer you are gaining the maximum value for your software maintenance payments.

Operate & Innovate to get more value from your SAP maintenance

DXC Oxygen's Operate & Innovate program allows you to gain greater insight into your SAP environment than what day-to-day system management allows. Designed so our team can help you facilitate active management of your solution, improving stability and ultimately optimising performance; all key to driving added value from your existing SAP investment.

Identify, Operate, Innovate

Delivered as part of an annual lifecycle model, the Operate & Innovate Program is individually customised for your SAP environment. Combining the use of SAP services included in your maintenance payments with Oxygen’s expertise to identify system improvements and opportunities so you can better leverage the value in your existing SAP solution. Put simply, we aim to provide maximum value for the precious dollars spent on your SAP software maintenance.

Are you currently getting these value adds?

Our program also offers an average of up to 10 consulting days annually to run your Operate & Innovate Program services. As Oxygen’s dedicated maintenance manager I will meet with you on a regular basis throughout the year to review progress and plan future service execution.

Some of the common services our program provides include:

  • EarlyWatch technical quality check
  • Technical performance optimisation service
  • Security optimisation check
  • Upgrade/enhancement pack assessment service
  • Data volume management service
  • OS/DB migration check (e.g. when a move to HANA database is being considered)
  • Innovation discovery service focused on key functional modules such as Finance, Logistics, etc.

We also ensure face-to-face play back sessions with our experts to present our findings and recommendations from each service.

Another benefit of moving your SAP software maintenance to Oxygen is that we can host your existing Solution Manager requirements within the Oxygen Solution Manager system as an additional complimentary service.

This removes the need for you to maintain a Solution Manager system as Oxygen maintains the environment including all ongoing infrastructure plus software upgrades and updates. Saving further precious dollars in hardware and software management. Currently the Oxygen Solution Manager is running version 7.2 on HANA database hosted on Amazon Web Services.

But it is not just our Operate and Innovate program that sets us apart from other providers. Oxygen has a rich SAP heritage. We are the largest specialist SAP Partner in the AU/NZ region and we hold a number of certifications that provide assurance as to the quality of the services we deliver.

Your SAP landscape is in good hands

DXC Oxygen hold gold partner status with SAP, we are a SAP Professional Centre of Expertise (PCoE) certified support organisation, and we are also Solution Manager as a Managed Service (SMaaMS) certified

Software maintenance is just one part of the SAP solution landscape, our capabilities extend into all SAP solution and service areas.

When the time to comes to discuss upgrades, optimisation or a move to SAP’s leading-edge components, such as HANA, S/4, we have the necessary expertise to provide advice, planning and execution.

What our Operate & Innovate customers have to say

“The program gives us a ‘no surprises’ guarantee that our SAP system is in a state of readiness for any upgrade and new technology deployments we undertake in the future.”

"We now know how to move to Enhancement Pack 7 successfully and looking ahead we have a good insight into what our best HANA migration strategy will be.”

Perth based Global industrial services company
“Oxygen proactively alerted us to the Operate and Innovate Program. This service provided a snapshot of our current SAP environment, and included an “EarlyWatch Quality Check” report. As well as providing a health check of our system, this report enabled Oxygen to present a number of recommendations, and also to provide options available to us in relation to enhancement pathways, including progression to HANA, and version compatibility of our BPC application.

This information is valuable to our business in understanding the timelines in relation to support for our current system, and for providing informed choices in relation to how we can plan and manage further enhancement of our current system.”

Melbourne based electricity generation company

Want more info?

If you are considering changing your SAP maintenance provider, we would love to explore what value-add our Operate & Innovate program can provide.