An opportunity to think global and act local

By Stuart Dickinson, CEO, Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company on
The recent merger of UXC with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) signals an exciting new phase in Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company’s ongoing development. It is interesting to reflect that Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company began with a small but dedicated team of people servicing the emerging New Zealand SAP market. Fast forward to today and now – through organic growth and acquisition – we are part of CSC’s global operation that has a 59,000 strong workforce. One of the key benefits to Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company’s customers of the recent merger is the opportunity it presents to leverage that vast pool of expertise and capability.

I recently attended CSC’s global sales and technical kick-off conference in Orlando, Florida, where I met key personnel and learnt more about how CSC operates its SAP practices. I was part of a 3,800-strong team from around the world – all of whom had come together to undertake detailed technical training and account management planning.

CSC has completed some very innovative work with SAP S/4HANA and I can see value accruing to customers by incorporating CSC’s IP and services into the overall solution portfolio we offer Australian and New Zealand organisations. The breadth and depth of capability, particularly in the area of cybersecurity and global hosting deployment that we will be able to offer large enterprise customers – no matter where they operate around the world – will grow significantly.

Equally, it was very gratifying to hear that Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company’s business model is regarded by CSC as ‘best practice’. Our holistic approach to supporting customers on their SAP journey, by delivering not only SAP services, but licensing, support and hosting – combined with our expertise in the omni commerce space – is market leading.

Faced with the economic imperative to do more with less, the ability of organisations to adopt meaningful digital transformation has become paramount. To achieve, this customers need long term partnerships with providers who have the expertise to extend, optimise and capitalise on their existing SAP investments. I believe that as a united force, Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company and CSC is very well placed to deliver this. Helping organisations more easily automate manual based processes and adopt mobile-capable solutions is fundamental to giving business users the tools, access and information they need to do their job as efficiently as possible – a challenge that strikes to the heart of all large customer-focused organisations doing business in the new millennium.