Eliminate 90% of the Time and Overhead in Your SAP System Copy Process


Location: Webinar

Learn how to automate your entire SAP system copy process from end to end.

Join Dan Segura, Solutions Architect, as he explains how we can help you automate your labor-intensive system copy process─saving you time, money, and effort. 

SAP system copy automation with Redwood and Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company gives you: 
• Standardised SAP best practices automatically implemented from the pre-copy to finalisation 
• A significant reduction in required management oversight 
• Faster, more frequent refreshes/copies for more accurate business data 
• Automatic monitoring and detection to maintain storage thresholds 

Register now and discover how you can automate your complete SAP system copy process for better security and accuracy─with less work. 

Speaker: Dan Segura, Solutions Architect, Redwood Software