SAP SRM - Parmalat

Online procurement at Parmalat. Removing a purchasing pain point demonstrates wider SRM potential

A fast track implementation of SAP’s Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) software by Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company has allowed Parmalat Australia to immediately remove a ‘pain point’ while laying the groundwork for wider roll out of electronic purchasing and supplier management throughout the company.

The pain point selected for the initial SAP SRM implementation was Parmalat’s purchasing of stationery and office materials. With no authorisation procedures in place, Parmalat was struggling to control ad-hoc spend on stationery and office materials with its key supplier, Corporate Express. Lacking the ability to create purchase orders, the business had no knowledge of deliveries until they arrived, and as a result finance could not adequately govern administration costs or accurately forecast future spend.

In just eight weeks, Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company implemented an SAP SRM electronic purchasing solution designed to give Parmalat tight control over stationery ordering, while providing users with easy ‘shopping cart’ functionality and an online authorisation procedure that can define ordering parameters for departments and individuals.