SAP PM - SCA Hygiene Australasia

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Web-based portal for plant maintenance

Simple Web-based interface radically improves user adoption of critical plant maintenance tool.
The implementation of a SAP portal by Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company is helping SCA Hygiene Australasia (SCA HA) maximise investment in its SAP software. Thanks to an intuitive web- based interface for its plant maintenance application, this leading hygiene products company now has a user-friendly tool that simplifies the execution of crucial maintenance tasks by factory floor employees.

SCA HA inherited its existing plant maintenance application from its previous owner in 1998. But having undertaken no functional upgrades since that time, the company was meeting considerable resistance from non-IT staff who struggled to use the complex application interface, which was mission critical to the smooth functioning of SCA HA’s factory floor.

Employees found it difficult to enter information needed in order to make notifications about equipment servicing and to record vital details about the execution of work orders. As a result the company faced ongoing support issues and high costs associated with training people to use the system.

Says Dan Kotiah, SCA HA Business Process Manager – Supply Chain “We had to simplifythe front end of the plant maintenance screens, provide more information to the employees and make it easier for them to use the application.”

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