SAP Managed Cloud

UXC Oxygen is the SAP Solutions and Cloud company with proven capability and success in Partner Managed Cloud.

UXC Oxygen Partner Managed Cloud enables subscription delivery of traditional SAP solutions on UXC Oxygen managed infrastructure.

As the leaders in SAP software delivered as a service, UXC Oxygen is the only locally certified, SAP specialist that combines deep application knowledge with cutting edge DevOps and cloud infrastructure management capability.

UXC Oxygen can therefore provide organisations with a fully integrated, proven software solution based on the latest versions of SAP.

A UXC Oxygen PMC is provided on a monthly subscription base which includes:

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Service
  • Support

UXC Oxygen takes care of:

  • Deployment
  • Application management
  • Infrastructure management
  • OS and Database management

Our customers need only worry about consuming their desired applications, allowing them to focus on their core business rather than the operations of their SAP applications.

We also welcome discussions around the additional security available through utilising our infrastructure hosting services. Whether the design warrants local AWS, Azure or a private cloud, or a regional or global redundancy model, we can design a SAP specific solution to your hosting issues.

Chat to us today about how we can provide you with first-class Partner Managed Cloud. We can also talk through moving your current SAP installations into a Opex Model or lowering TCO by leveraging cloud infrastructure.