Oxygen SmartMine is an industry-specific SAP solution designed to meet the needs of fast-growing mine owners and operators for a sophisticated and credible business management system.

Surging demand and high prices are once again driving strong growth in the mining industry. A buoyant resources market is stimulating investment in new mines and in more sophisticated technology to maximise production at existing sites. In order to cope with this growth and to meet regulatory compliance needs, fast growing mine owners and mining service providers require proven, best practice ERP functionality.

Key business drivers
Having outgrown their legacy SME accounting systems, these companies are looking for comprehensive ERP functionality in order to:

  • Improve extraction and processing capabilities
  • Increase the reliability of vital asset infrastructure
  • Enhance logistic and supply chain processes, and
  • Improve financial oversight and automate key administrative procedures

In an increasingly tight labour market, mining companies turn to technology to provide operational efficiencies in orderto accelerate growth and achieve higher returns using fewer resources.

By deploying the Oxygen SmartMine solution small-to-medium sized mining companies can achieve these goals. A credible, auditable business management system, Oxygen SmartMine provides the tools and controls necessary to support the day-to-day running of the mine. The solution allows small mining companies to successfully negotiate growth phases, as they move away from single handed management practices and adopt group management structures.

Oxygen SmartMine is a long term solution that will adapt as these organisations grow and mature their business processes.

Solution Overview
Oxygen SmartMine consists of Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company’s SmartStart solutions combined with core SAP Best Practice functionality to provide a complete solution for growing mining organisations. The key functional areas mine owners and operators must address in order to operate with an effective value chain include:

  • Asset Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Overhead Cost Controlling
  • Mineral Extraction and Processing

Build as you grow
Oxygen SmartMine solution allows mining organisations to implement core functionality and grow additional value-add solutions over time as demands change. The core SAP modules installed with Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company SmartMine include:

  • Asset Management: Oxygen PM SmartStart, SAP Best Practice Project Systems
  • Logistics and Supply Chain: Mining Best Practice, SAP Best Practice Materials Management, SAP Best Practice Sales and Distribution
  • Overhead Cost Controlling: SAP Best Practice Finance, Mineral Extraction and Processing
  • SAP Best Practice for Mining

SAP Best Practice provides a comprehensive and flexible business management solution with built in support for best business practices. It is designed specifically for midsize companies looking for an integrated, localised solution to support processes across the entire organisation.

Oxygen SmartStart accelerators
The SmartMine solution provides a large number of potential product add-ons furnishing customers with a product roadmap into the future. Each core functional area comes with its own unique roadmap and process maturity model, allowing companies to continually optimise processes and accommodate future growth. The Oxygen SmartStart accelerators include

  • Prometheus Unity for Maintenance -Advanced maintenance functions including graphical scheduling, work pack printing and a number of other functions.
  • Oxygen Construction Contract Management -Contract management for construction or service intensive industries, including support for local legal requirements such as the Construction Contracts Act.
  • Oxygen KPI Package for BW - A standard set of KPIs for PM SmartStart to use as a base to improve maintenance processes and organisation.
  • Prometheus Unity for Purchasing - Simplifies usability and improves the efficiency of purchasing through the use of a PO package, printing and single purchasing cockpit.
  • 10 Second PO Approval - Web based and mobile approval of purchase orders to increase usability and speed of processing.
  • Oxygen Accounts Payable Automation - Oxygen’s custom solution enables invoice scanning, and workflow including lodging an optical copy of the invoice for later reference.
  • Winshuttle Excel Loading and Extraction - A standard tool for integrating Microsoft Excel and SAP that moves data seamlessly between applications and reduces data maintenance efforts.
  • Sky Mobility - A generic, flexible framework to develop mobile applications.
  • Sky Mobility for Asset Management - Extends SAP into the mobile space, providing rapid delivery of a scalable and flexible mobility solution using the Sky Mobile framework from Sky Technologies.

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