SCM Demand Planning RDS

Challenge: Increase forecast accuracy and promote robust data and process management

Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company offers the implementation of a simple solution to a complex business problem, delivering "out of the box" Demand Planning with minimal development and integration costs. The RDS utilises SAP APO DP and can help any businesses to improve its Forecasting process from a number of perspectives.

The solution comes pre-configured on top of a best practice forecasting process, providing high-end functionality that will improve data and process quality delivering more accurate forecast results.

Statistical Forecast, Consensus Process, User Roles management, Alert Monitoring are just some examples of the in-built functionality. All of this is controlled through the user friendly SAP Graphical User Interface, via an interactive planning screen that allows integrated and multi-dimension view of the demand plan and all of its components.

Available at a fixed price and can be implemented within 12 weeks.

For more information about this Rapid Deployment Solution please download the below PDF or contact

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