SAP Virtualisation SmartStart

Challenge: Provide a flexible and cost-effective virtual operating platform for your SAP landscape

The SAP Virtualisation SmartStart solution by Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company enables you to transform your SAP solutions based landscape into a flexible and cost-effective virtual operating platform.

Virtualisation solutions are proven to increase the utilisation of existing hardware and reduce capital and operational costs throughout an organisation.

Implementing a virtualisation platform under your SAP landscape enables environments to run more productively with fewer administrative headaches throughout the hardware and software lifecycle, than within a purely physical infrastructure.

Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company utilises VMware’s proven virtualisation technology to build a dynamic, flexible computing infrastructure for their SAP customer’s business-critical applications. Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company has experience virtualising SAP system including and excluding the production SAP instance from the virtualised environment.

From server consolidation and containment to business process and datacentre automation, the full range of virtualisation benefits can be applied to all sizes of SAP deployment – ultimately decreasing costs, improving SLA actuals and maximising IT efficiency.

Typical challenges

Does your organisation suffer from these typical infrastructural problems?

  • Underutilised hardware resources that take up space and eat energy
  • Disruptive downtime to operations when performing hardware maintenance
  • Server sprawl and platform dependencies that prevent your organisation from achieving its goals
  • Postponing upgrades and migrations because of lack of resources and fear of delays
  • Expensive duplicate production hardware and complex paper runbooks for disaster recovery processes

Realisable benefits

A SAP Virtualisation SmartStart solution overcomes these problems, offering the following benefits:

Reduced cost

  • Decreased SAP datacentre costs for space, energy, cooling, hardware, and labour
  • Immediate ROI
  • Increased software quality at a lower cost for your own SAP application-based development
  • Enhanced application availability and a more cost-effective disaster recovery process
  • Additional backup options

Increased reliability

  • Increased availability of all environments at a lower cost
  • More efficient deployment of new SAP solutions-based environments for development and test
  • Increased SAP datacentre utilisation, flexibility, and availability
  • Increased uptime during planned maintenance

Grows with your business

  • Aligned SAP resources with business priorities
  • Upgrade safely to the latest SAP solutions and simplify the transition to 64-bit environments
  • Cost effectively trial additional or temporary SAP landscapes

All within SAP

SAP and VMware technology combine synergistically to create a powerful business process automation system

People, technology, process – the SmartStart approach

With the SAP Virtualisation SmartStart solution by Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company you benefit from the combination of SAP software, strategically selected software partners and Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company’s years of implementation experience. Our complete solution includes training and change material to ensure your entire organisation is brought on a journey with people, not technology leading the way.

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