Project QA SmartStart

Challenge: Deliver project results consistently

The SmartStart Project QA by UXC Oxygen is based on our Programme Management teams’ years of project experience. We approach all audits with pragmatism developed through many years of managing projects.Projects by their nature are risky undertakings. Projects attempt to do something that is unfamiliar with a temporary team of people that must be brought together and organised into an efficient unit very quickly.

The solution covers the standard Project QA phases of:

  1. Risk assessment: UXC Oxygen recognises project risk varies according to many factors which can be measured and controlled. The UXC Oxygen tools and templates asses the risk factors to determine the appropriate level of governance and QA to ensure project goals are met.
  2. Quality assurance: To ensure a project is delivered within time, budget and with an acceptable level of quality, UXC Oxygen offers a number of Quality Assurance prepacked solutions. These solutions range from a total quality management approach to point in timeproject reviews which can be utilised at any stage of a project and are tailored to project complexity.
  3. Health checks: Health checks of in progress projects against industry standards ensure that professional project management techniques are being utilised and identify actions to reduce current or potential risks.

Typical challenges
UXC Oxygen’s approach and the typical QA pitfalls that we consider are:

  • Not auditing with the ‘gotcha’ attitude
  • Considering facts not finding faults
  • Recognising the audit is people focused
  • Properly defi ning the purpose and scope
  • Using a quality audit checklist
  • Issuing corrective actions
  • Conducting follow up on the corrective action
  • Using a team approach to issuing corrective actions
  • Finding qualified staff to conduct technical audits

Realisable benefits
UXC Oxygen’s Project QA lets management know problems or potential problems through:

Improved project governance

  • Providing input into management decisions
  • Verified compliance
  • Reduced project risk
  • Quantifying risk
  • Actionable mitigation plans

Enhanced technical design

  • Actionable technical recommendations
  • Application of extensive lessons learnt registers

People, technology, process– the SmartStart approach
UXC Oxygen Project QA can audit all aspects of your project from the non-SAP components through to the technical SAP solution and SAP system design.Throughout our SAP projects we have developed SAP specific tools covering functional and technical and organisationalchange management areas. This additional QA level provides you with a competitively priced option to embed quality into all aspects of your SAP projects at the most detailed level from a leading SAP implementation specialist.

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