Procurement and Logistics Health Check

The operation of Procurement and Logistics processes in your ERP solution might not be running as they were intended.

Since the original Go-Live day, a number of symptoms have emerged that are undermining the vision of your SAP business solution:

  • Questionable data quality
  • Delays in Procurement approvals 
  • Fading knowledge of the solution
  • Lack of adherence to purchasing contracts 
  • Unclear process ownership
  • Hidden management information

These issues if left unresolved, will take hold and affect customer service, product quality and operating costs.

UXC Oxygen is ready to activate a Health Check on the Procurement and Logistics landscape of your SAP business operation. By applying SAP diagnostic tools and analysis, the key issues will be uncovered and a plan to return to optimum operation will be quickly deployed. UXC Oxygen understands the importance of your business and the management of a vital asset of it – your SAP solution. 

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