Accounts Payable Automation SmartStart

Challenge: Improve accessibility of AP documents with a simple scanning and workflow solution thereby increasing accuracy and visibility

Oxygen, a DXC Technologies Company has developed a simple but extremely effective solution delivering accounts payable(AP) invoice scanning and processing within SAP using scanned images provided by a scanning solution. The SmartStart utilises SAP workflow processing to notify and route links for scanned images to the relevant authorised personnel and launch the applicable SAP transaction to process the invoice or credit note

The solution then automatically attaches the image link to the SAP financial document and can also be configured to extend functionality to attach scanned images for late archived invoices and attach scanned documents against vendor records.

Once the incoming AP documents are scanned and linked to the financial documents they can be viewed by authorised SAP personnel. This ability to view the scanned document during financial document posting reduces invoice errors.

Typical challenges
Does your organisation suffer from these typical invoice processing problems?

  • Errors in coding
  • Poor document viewing functionality
  • Poor filing and tracking
  • Disconnected audit trail
  • Expensive 3rd party software required to manage your incoming documents

Realisable benefits
Improve efficiencies in your accounts payable department by automating workflow and approval processes

  • Increase business performance
  • Automatically route incoming documents to appropriate processor
  • Provide access to scanned documents
  • Reduce invoice errors
  • Automatically link the incoming scanned image to the related fi nancial document
  • Provide an efficient scanning solution without the need to purchase 3rd party software and with no additional license or maintenance costs.

People, technology, process– the SmartStart approach
With Oxygen’s Accounts Payable Automation SmartStart you benefit from the combination of SAP software and Oxygen’s workflow, development and implementation experience. Our solution includes training and change material to ensure your entire organisation is brought on a journey with people not technology leading the way.

You will need:

  • Windows based file server
  • A document scanner
  • Scanning Software (most scanners have built in software)

You will NOT need:

  • Expensive 3rd party software and licences

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