Making digital data come to life at NZSUG 2017


Location: KMPG, Wellington

Oxygen are once again proud to support New Zealand's User Group Convention in Wellington.

This year we will be making digital data come to life!

Join Carl McGowan, Chief Architect at Oxygen for his keynote 'Beyond the Browser - Making Digital Data come to life' A deep-dive into how Augmented Reality is changing how we do business and re-imagining how we do business.


'Beyond the Browser - Making Digital Data come to life'
Carl McGowan, Chief Architect, Oxygen | Thursday 8th June, 9:50am

Automating processes, digitising information and equipping the workforce with mobile access is revolutionising business, but it's just the first step.

There are technologies in development, and devices available now, that go much further, bringing digital data to life, making it an integral part of a business user's working day.

Augmented reality, wearables and IoT are exciting technologies but to what extent can they be put to practical use right now and what should your workplace prepare itself for in the future?

Oxygen's, Carl McGowan, looks beyond the smartphone to some of IT's 'next big things' and provides insights into how your business can capitalise on the latest technologies.

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The future is now!